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A bike for bike park laps, all day rides, messing about in the woods and everything in between.
It punches far, far above its weight. Carefully considered geometry suits the most discerning of riders, and 145mm of high-pivot travel in the rear paired with a 160mm fork, will get you out of anything you get yourself into, with astounding performance that matches bikes with far more suspension travel.


If Deviate didn't make the Claymore, they'd be perfectly entitled to call the Highlander their trail and enduro bike. The high pivot causes the wheelbase to grow when you push into a corner and the bike stays low and level when hard on the brakes, which makes it feel even more stable and surefooted than the geometry numbers would suggest.”

— Seb Stott

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Top 5 trail bike of 2023. “This is a trail bike for those who like to push the limits on rougher terrain. It’s full 29er, full carbon, and it comes with fully sealed bearings and interestingly, grease ports too, so it should be faff free maintenance”

— Anna Cipullo/Owen Coutts

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Highlander II

This is the Highlander II - Deviate’s all-carbon, all-conquering trail bike, freshly reconfigured. A bike for reaching the highest, most remote peaks, before screaming down the other side in a stream of speed and laughter.