Rim Only We Are One Fuse - Carbon

Rim Only We Are One Fuse - Carbon

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Traction, what does it even mean? Well, the Fuse is here to teach you the meaning in a way that will grip you. Our highest volume in the Convergence series, sitting at a 33mm internal width allows you to cater your tire choice and pressure to match your needs. When you are poised at the top of a no fall zone and need the most traction, a higher volume rim allows you to lower your tire pressure and squeeze out every last ounce of grip. The Fuse still packs a 33% increase in impact strength that will keep you rolling after a hard rim strike. The increased comfort that comes with from a higher volume rim allows you to run a wide range of tires from 2.5" - 2.8" without a worry.

Lifetime free crash replacement