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Wheel Building

As wheel building specialists, we believe that the wheel build process and quality should match the quality of the parts. Unfortnently most shops cut corners, lack the experince or tools and don't stress relieve the wheels properly.

Our handbuilt wheels are more durable, stay true longer, require less maintenance and don't lose tension due to our rigorous de-stressing process. A great wheel is a work of art, balancing strength and functionality. Perfection takes time.

Wheels are often the best and most noticable upgrade you can get for you bike.

Modern bikes offer a good value when it comes to the components, with the notable exception being the wheels - most bike brands will opt for cheap stock wheels, often machine built with poor quality hubs /spokes/nipples.

A high quality handbuilt wheelset will often last years and will be worth moving onto the next bike down the line.

We'll be happy to help you figure out all of the details! Please email us at what wheelset you are interested in and your bike's model, year, and build kit and we'll help you figure it out!

We use specialty tools that allow us to achieve extremely high tolerances: <0.4mm radial and lateral deviation, <5% spoke tension variance.

We mostly use a 3-cross pattern. Some manufacturers require a 2-cross pattern for their 29" rims, (Weareone, Nobl, etc...) in that case we will use a 2 cross pattern.

We offer the option of installing tubeless tape. Please select yes to TUBELESS TAPE when placing your order.


We offer spilt payment option throught Splitit.

Split your paymnet to three payments one month apart with 0% intrest.

Simply choose Splitit as the payment method during checkout.

1. We specialize in wheels - Our experienced wheel builders build hundreds (even a thousand+) of wheels per year!

2. Our equipment - We use specialty tools that allow us to achieve very high tolerances (<0.4mm, <5%) that most shops lack the ability the measure.

3. Our price - we offer competitive prices on all of the leading brands.

Yes we can! Please contact us with what you have in mind :-)

If you need a wheelset on a short notice for an important trip or event we might be able to offer rush build for a fee, depending on the build queue and parts availabilty.

We offer shipping across Canada and the USA. You will receive an accurate shipping quote during checkout, we negotiated discounted rates with our carriers and we pass those discounts directly to you! You can find our shipping policy over here: