About us

IMBY is a locally owned shop based in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Our shop is rider owned and operated. We'd rather be on a bike than anywhere else! Living our dream by sharing the bike love. Whether it's fixing them up or hitting the trails, we're into it all.

Bike and Suspension Service

IMBY is a full-service​ shop, we offer a comprehensive range of services all under one roof, including full suspension service and rebuilds. From routine maintenance to custom builds, we've got you covered, ensuring your bike performs at its peak!

Custom Wheel Program

To suit your riding style, needs and budget. Our wheels are built to be pushed to the limits, being tested and proven on the gnarliest trails in Whistler and The North Shore. Every wheel is built from the ground up by expert wheel builders. A great wheel is a work of art, balancing strength and functionality. We put a lot of care in the final finishing steps by getting the wheel built to the right tension (<5% variance) and properly stress relieving the wheel ensures it will stay true and in tension for years to come.