Bike Service

1 to 3 day turnaround!

IMBY is a full-service​ shop, we offer a comprehensive range of services all under one roof, including full suspension service and rebuilds. From routine maintenance to custom builds, we've got you covered, ensuring your bike performs at its peak!

Whether it's a specific job or a complete overhaul you can book an appointment to drop off your bike using the link below.

Any questions for us? Please email us at

Basic Tune - $165

  • Bike Diagnostic & Safety Check
  • Gear and shifting adjustment
  • Brakes adjustment
  • Basic Wheel True F+R
  • Bolts checked and torqued
  • Adjust Headset

Essential Tune - $225

  • IMBY Bike Diagnostic and Safety Check
  • Derailleur and shifting adjustment
  • Brake bleed F+R
  • Lateral True F+R wheel and check spoke tension
  • Check and torque all the bolts.
  • Fork, Shock and dropper stanchion clean and lube and with Forkboost.
  • Brake piston clean, re-setting and adjustment.
  • Derailleur and drivetrain adjustment
  • Hub and bottom bracket bearing inspection

Service Packages:

Major Tune - $295

  • IMBY Bike Diagnostic and Safety Check
  • Complete component strip down and wash in our parts washers
  • Brake bleed F+R
  • Lateral True F+R wheel and check spoke tension
  • Bike Spa (cleaning, detailing, lubing)
  • Re-grease & re-torque all the bolts
  • Derailleur and drivetrain adjustment
  • Crankset removal and Bottom bracket inspection

Summer Tuneup Package

Save big on our promotional Summer Service Packages. Created for mountain bikes, it's the perfect way to keep your bike at peak performance during the season!


Suspension LAB

We now offer in-house full suspension service. Servicing Fox, Marzocchi, Rockshox and Ohlins.

Bike Diagnostic - Safety Check / $55

Our senior mechanic will inspect your bike and formulate a comprehensive diagnostic report that highlights any service/parts that we recommend.

Charge is waived when upgrading to a service package.

Service Menu / A La Carte Services

  • Brake bleed - $35 to $55
  • Tubeless tire install - $45
  • Wheel true (lateral) - $35 to $55
  • Wheel build - $120 ($150 from existing wheel)
  • Tire install - $25
  • Tube install - $25
  • Cushcore install - $25
  • Gear adjust - $25
  • Brake adjust - $25
  • Suspension Fork Lowers Service - $80
  • Suspension Shock Air Can Service (50 hour) - $60
  • Full suspension pivot bearing replacement - Starting $225
  • Drivetrain deep clean - in our parts washer -$60 to $80
  • Reverb full rebuild - $175
  • Internal cable routing - $55

Shop rate - $95 / hour


We only service e-bikes with a mid-drive motor from the following brands: Shimano, Brose, Rocky Mountain, TQ, Yamaha, SRAM, Bosch, Specialized, Fazua.

We are unable to perform any work on hub motorized e-bikes.

Department Store Bikes

We don't offer any service to department store bikes.