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Canadian Made - Lifetime FREE Crash replacement

Based in British Columbia, Canada. Our custom wheel building program was born to meet the demands of some of the harshest trails in the world. Each wheel is precision built to unmatched tolerances, ready to be pushed to the limit.

revolutionizing carbon wheels

We've partnered up with the WE ARE ONE to offer some of our best custom wheels.

We Are One


If you break a rim while riding, WAO will send you a new one. Period. It is that simple. No rim replacement cost (except for shipping), no hidden fine print and WAO offers lifetime support.

Convergence Rims - The Premium Series

The Convergence series is We Are One's latest and improved generation of rims, building on the original Revolution series. The Convergence rims use advanced materials and redesigned construction for better strength, durability, and control. Offering the best balance of performance and ride quality.

Select the desired width to give the optimal tire profile and feel in order to achieve a confident contact patch and greatly improve the control of the bike.

Convergence intended use:
Enduro / E-bike / All Mountain / Trail

Ideal tire width:
Sector: 2.2"-2.4" | Triad: 2.4"-2.6" | Fuse: 2.5"-2.6"

Revolution Rims - The Classic Series

The Revolution series is We Are One's classic and highly successful lineup, offering exceptional strength, compliance, and ride comfort. These rims balance weight, durability, and performance, providing excellent impact resistance and a smooth ride. Slightly more budget-friendly, the Revolution series delivers high-performance at great value.

Revive: XC & Gravel | Faction Trail & XC | Union Enduro & All Mountain | Strife DH / Freeride

Custom We Are One Carbon Wheels